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Short Term Courses:-

Short-term and continuing education / refresher programmes for personnel working in industry are very important in this fast-developing field. IITB will offer 2-3 such courses for industry participants every year, at various levels.

Various short term courses are being offered by NCPRE through  the office of Continuing Education Program(CEP). These courses focus in the broad area of solar Photovoltaics, including storage for PV, new materials, novel PV structures, balance of systems, power electronics, PV system intergration and PV application.

The courses would be of interest to any graduate interested in solar PV field, researchers and academicians working in solar PV area, industry personnel in manufacturing as well as in installation of solar PV systems.

Previous Short Term Courses:-

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1. Perovskite Solar Cells
(25th -26th  September 2017)
2. Theory & Technology of Silicon Solar Cell
(18th -20th  September 2017)
3. PV System Design and Installation
(25th -27th  May 2017)
4. Power Electronics Interfaces for Solar PV
(26th -28th  April 2017)
5. Assessing Performance of PV Modules in the Field
(6th -7th  April 2017)
6. Solar Photovoltaic Training for Master Trainers of Technicians
(31st -4th  September 2015)
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7. Solar Photovoltaic Training for Technicians
(18th -22nd  May 2015)
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8. Solar Photovoltaic System Design and Installation
(09th -11th  April 2015)

9. Solar PV Training for Technicians
(09th -13th  March 2015)
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10. Solar PV Modules and Systems Testing and Characterization
Course Material
(26th -28th  November 2014)
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11. PV Module Reliability
(3rd -4th  April 2014)
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12. Repeat Course -Grid connected rooftop PV power plants:
From Basics to installation with hands-on experience
(19th - 21st  February 2014)
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13. Grid connected rooftop PV power plants:
From Basics to installation with hands-on experience
(28th - 30th  November 2013)
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14. C-Si Solar Cells and Modules: Theory Fabrication and characterization
(11th - 13th  September 2013)
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15. Converter topologies for grid connected Solar PV System
(24th - 26th  April 2013)
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16. Solar Photovoltaics Training for Master Trainers
(4th - 8th  March 2013)
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17. Off-grid Solar PV Components and Systems
(10th - 12th  October 2012)
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18. c-Si Solar Cells and Modules:
Theory, Fabrication and Characterization
(19th - 21st  April 2012)
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19. Thin Film Solar PV Technologies
(15th - 17th  September 2011)
20. Solar PV Grid Connected Power System
(5th - 7th  May 2011)
21. Solar PV Power Conditioning & Balance of System - CEP Training Course
(24th - 26th  Febuary 2011)
22. Solar Photovoltaic Technologies:Introduction and Current Status
(16th -18th  Sep 2010)