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Sr. No. Title of the Animation Link
1. Semiconductor bandgap-Optimum bandgap for solar cells View
2. How Solar Cell generates electricity/Working of Solar cell? View
3. Current flow in an electric circuit View
4. Solar-spectrum View
5. AC-DC Circuits View
6. Impact of light intensity on parameters of solar cell View
7. Parameters of a solar cell View
8. Series Connection of PV Modules View
9. Structure and Design of a PV module View
10. Types of Solar Photovoltaic system View
11. Semiconductor Device Characteristics View
12. I-V curve of a diode and solar cell View
13. Manufacturing steps of c-Si solar cells View
14. Structure of a solar cell View
15. Different technologies of solar cells View
16. Recognizing PV module View
17. Different types and role of charge controllers View