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Poster Phase III


Setup in October 2010 by MNRE, Govt. of India as a part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)
NCPRE mandate is to provide the strong PV research, education and training to achieve the JNNSM targets
Funded with :
  • Phase I (2010-2016): INR 475 million
  • Phase II (2016-2021): INR 623.5 million
  • Phase III (2023-2027): INR 409.2 million
Involvement of 25 faculty members from 8 departments and over 150 students and staff
Working towards scaling up the Education & Training,
Research and Device Development in thrust areas of Si solar cells and materials, Power electronics for grid integration & Photovoltaic deployment and reliability

PV Deployments and Reliability

Assessment and prediction of field performance and reliability of PV power plants in Indian conditions
Field Surveys in collaboration with startup companies and industry targeting the identified areas of interest.
Develop a Field Test Site spread over 2-5 acres for the Controlled Assessment of New PV Technologies and Provide Feedback to the Indian PV Community regarding performance benchmarking of various emerging PV technologies.
Technology transfer of Novel PV Testing Technologies / Equipment to Industry / Startups

Power Electronics for Grid Integration

SiC-based compact and efficient inverter for direct MV grid integration
Estimation and improvement of solar inverter reliability
Optimal capacity and technology mix of grid scale storage for achieving high penetration of Renewables

Solar Cells and Materials

Development of a perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell
Monolithic design based on simulation activities and experimental data of individual layers grown in-house
2-T monolithic tandem solar cell

Education and Training

Training of working professionals and generation of highly skilled manpower - particularly for the PV manufacturing mission as well as for the industry operating in areas allied to PV
Develop an M. Engg course on PV Technologies for professionals
Training of B. Tech., M. Sc. and Ph.D. students
Short term courses on advanced topics

Lab Infrastructure

Name of the Lab Class

Silicon Fabrication Lab

1000 class clean room

Characterization Lab

Semi clean room

Silicon Metallization Lab

Semi clean room

Student's fabrication Lab

Semi clean room

Hybrid Solar Cell Lab

Semi clean room

Solar Module Labs

Semi clean room

Battery Prototyping Lab

10% Rh controlled room

Power Electronics Lab



Semi clean room

Energy Materials Synthesis Lab

Semi clean room

Electrocatalysis and Energy Storage Lab

Semi clean room

Advanced Research Equipment

Diffusion Furnace, Evaporator & Plasma etching tool
Screen Printer, drying furnace and RTP
Ellipsometer for textured surface
Electrochemical Capacitance Voltage (ECV) dopant profiler
Spin rinse dryer (SRD) system
Belt furnace and screen printer for solar cell metallization
Light induced & Electroplating for Ni/Cu contact
Dopant Profiler and High resolution LBIC
CoRRscan, Adhesion tester & UV-Vis-NIR
Battery fabrication Glove box and testing tool
Battery cell (cylindrical & pouch) fabrication facility line for 4 kWh scale prototyping
Battery Cyclers with 20A, 40V applications
Autolab Potentiostat/Galvanostat PGSTAT 30
FESEM, EVOSEM, 3D microscope
Solar cell I-V, QE & Suns-Voc measurement set up
Si carrier lifetime measurement with PCD and PL
Laser doping tool, Centrifuge and Ball milling
Module simulator, Environmental chamber, IR camera, EL setup, portable I-V tester, PV Module Laminator
InGaAs camera for EL/PL imaging of solar cells/modules
Module Laminator and QE measurement system
UV and Environment chamber for accelerated testing
Dynamic Mechanical Loading System (DML)
Cell line checker, Colorimeter
Solar path finder, multi I-V curve tracer
Software's : TCAD, SPICE, ADS, Solar cell loss analysis tool
Cluster tool, muffle furnace and plasma tool
Glove box integrated with spin coater and hot plate
Glove box for Perovskite cells
Glove box integrated with Evaporator and probe station
Laminar air flow bench with spin coater, hot plate and UVCS
Sputtering system
LED solar simulator, stylus profiler
Real Time digital simulation system (RTDS) for test bench
A test bench to test all Power Electronic interfaces of Solar PV system
Solar emulators and system emulators