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IIT Bombay

NCPRE is located at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), one of India’s leading educational institutions. IIT Bombay was set up by a special Act of Parliament, and a 500-acre campus was established in 1958 at Powai, a suburb of Mumbai. The picturesque campus is on the shores of Powai and Vihar lakes, and also adjoins the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

TIIT Bombay has 15 academic Department and 12 major Centres, and a strong tradition of inter-disciplinary research. IIT Bombay has a two decade old history of running programs in Energy, Semiconductors, and Power Electronics in various Departments. The Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE) was set up at IIT Bombay in 2007, the first full-fledged Department to focus on energy at any major academic institution in India.

IT Bombay has 11000 students, of whom about 6500 are post-graduate students. 2600 students (about 25% of the total population) are currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree at IIT Bombay.