Solar Cells

    Company    Technology
Bharat Electronics Limited     Monocrystalline Silicon               
 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)  Monocrystalline Silicon
 Central Electronics Limited (CEL)          Monocrystalline Silicon
 Indosolar Ltd           Monocrystalline Silicon
 Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd        Monocrystalline Silicon
 Moser Baer Photovoltaic,Amorphous Silicon    Monocrystalline Silicon
 Pentafour Solec Technology Limited     Monocrystalline Silicon
TATA/BP Solar (JV between BP Solar/TATA)         Monocrystalline Silicon
 Udhaya Semiconductors Ltd          Monocrystalline Silicon
 Usha India Ltd         Monocrystalline Silicon
 Corporation Limited (Webel SL Solar)    Monocrystalline Silicon


 PV Modules

 Company    Technology
 Alpex Exports Pvt. Ltd.      
A0 Systems        
AAA Solar           
 Access Solar Limited Multi/Mono
Alpex Solar           Monocrystalline
Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd  
Ajit Solar Pvt Ltd  
Amro Technology P Ltd  
 Anjani Energy Company  
 Andromeda Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd  
Azad Engineering Company  
Bharat Electronics Limited  
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)  
Central Electronics Limited (CEL)  
CH Maarketing & Services Pvt Ltd  
Connect Associates  
 Decolite Industries  
Easy Solar Industries & Easy Photovoltech Pvt. Ltd  
ELECTROMAC Solar Systems p. Limited.  
Ecosol Power Private Limited  
Envirodyne Energy System  
Environ Energy Corp India Pvt Ltd  
Green India Renewables Private Limited  
HHV Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd  
ICOMM TELE LTD. Solar Division  
India Renewables Limited  
KCP Solar Industry  
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.  
 Kaynes Energy Systems  
Khandelwal Solar Power Limited  
 KL Solar Company Pvt. Ltd  
Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd  
Maharishi Solar Technology  
 M/s Easy Solar Industries  
Microsol Power (P) Ltd  
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd  
Novergy Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd  
Orion Products & Energy Systems  
PaBhuVan Inc  
Photon Solar  
PLG Power Ltd  
Power Pulse  
Pragati Energy  
Premier Solar Systems Pvt Ltd  
Prithvi Power Systems  
PV Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
Radha Energy Cell  
Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited  
Rashmi Industries  
Royal India Solar  
Saraswati Engineering Limited(PV DIVISON)  
Silicon Solar Systems  
Reliance Industries Limited - Solar Group  
Shurjo Energy Private Ltd  
Solar Night Industries India Pvt. Ltd.  
Solar Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.  
Solkar Solar Industry Limited  
SUNGEN Solar  
Sungrace Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd.  
Sunlit Solar Energy Pvt Ltd  
Sunram Systems India Pvt Ltd  
 Sunwatt India  
 Surya Enterprises  
Synergy Renewable Energy P Ltd  
Tata BP Solar India Ltd  
Surana Ventures Ltd  
Titan Energy Systems Ltd  
Theme Solar System  
 Topsun Energy Limited  
Udhaya Semiconductors Ltd  
Rje Solar  

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