The faculty at IITB involved in NCPRE project :

Profile Image Name of the Investigator Department Area of Research
Dr. Aldrin Antony ESE Photovoltaics, Silicon Heterojunction Solar cells, Transparent conducting oxides, Nanomaterials, Device optimisation
Dr. Aftab Alam Physics develop advanced theory, algorithms and codes to explain various properties, structure and behavior of materials.
Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay MEMS Materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Prof. A. Rao CTARA Energy and Environment, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Prof. Anil Kottantharayil EE Silicon solar cells, Applications of graphene in electronic devices , CMOS device physics, design and modelling,Materials for advanced CMOS devices and solar cells,Electrical characterization, Gate oxide reliability and hot-carrier effects, Radiation effects on MOS devices.
Prof. A. M. Kulkarni EE Power System Dynamics, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, HVDC Transmission Systems
Prof. Anil Kumar Chem Organic materials, Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Hyperbranched Polymers, Dendrimers, Conducting Polymers
Prof.Anshuman Shukla EE
Multilevel converters and Modulation and control of power electronic converters, Power electronics applications in power systems (FACTS, HVDC, custom power devices, etc.)
Renewable energies and Energy storage, Control of electric drives, Hybrid and solid-state circuit breakers and current limiters
Prof. Aparna Singh MEMS Fracture, fatigue and tribology, Synthesis methods of nanostructured materials in bulk, Nano-structured coatings)
Dr. Arindam Chowdhury Chemical Engineering Single fluorescent sensor probes in a polymer thin-film, Emission spectra of Single Quantum Dots on glass substrate, Dynamics and mobility of single-molecules in polymer thin-films.
Prof. Arindam Sarkar Chemical Engineering Fuel cells: Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), Alkaline fuel cells (AFC), Electrocatalyst synthesis and characterizations, Structure-property evaluation of electrocatalysts, Design of electrocatalysts
Prof. Aswani Yella MEMS Nanostructured materials for photovoltaics
Prof. Balasubramaniam Kavaipatti ESE Growth and characterization of thin film heterostructures,surface/interface mechanisms, phase stability of highly bulk-metastable materials
Prof. B.G.Fernandes EE Switch-Mode Rectifiers, Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Power electronic circuits and applications,
Prof. Brij Mohan Arora EE Solar Photovoltaics, Organic semiconductors, III-V solar cells
Dr. C. Subramaniam Chemical Engineering Synthesis of various carbon related nanomaterials
Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki ESE Solar Photovoltaics, Thin film silicon solar cells, PV solar concentrators, Porous silicon, Carbon nano tubes (CNT's)
Dr.Dinesh Kabra Physics Molecular semiconductors, Organic Photovoltaics, NanoComposite thin film devices/sensors.
Prof. Dipti Gupta MEMS
Flexible/Plastic Electronics based on organic semiconductors, metal-oxides and graphenes, Devices under focus: Thin film transistors, Solar cells, Memories, Light emitting diodes, Photodetectors, Materials and device characterization, Device physics and Simulation
Dr.Himanshu J. Bahirat Physics Renewable Energy Sources, Grid Integration of Renewable Energy,Offshore Wind Energy,Transients in Power Systems, DC Power Systems, DC Wind Farms, Multi-terminal DC Networks, Circuit Breakers, Power Electronics.
Prof. Juzer Vasi EE Physics and technology of devices, nanoelectronics
Prof. K.L. Narasimhan EE Organic Semiconductors.
Prof. K. Chatterjee EE Utility friendly converter topologies, Power Factor Correction techniques, STATCOM, Switched Mode Rectifiers, Electronic Ballast, Control of Electric Drives.
Prof. M. Aslam Physics Nano-materials, characterization
Prof. Manoj Neergat ESE
Fuel cells - Direct Methanol Fuel cells, and Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells, Precious metal and Non-precious metal catalysts, Microbial Fuel Cells
Prof. M. C. Chandorkar EE Electrical drives, Power electronic converters and control, Power system applications of power electronics, and electrical power quality for industrial and commercial installations, DSP applications in power electronics and power systems
Prof. Narendra S Shiradkar EE Photovoltaic Module and System Reliability, Accelerated Testing and Lifetime Prediction, Physics of Failure and Electronic Device Failure Analysis Techniques, Photovoltaic Performance Modeling, Photovoltaic Power Plant Inspection and Monitoring Techniques, In-line Metrology and Characterization Techniques for Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing, PV Module Deployments and Manufacturing in India
Prof. P. Bhargav MEMS Dye-sensitized solar cells, powder Processing. Near Net Shape Forming of Advanced Ceramics Gel casting
Prof. Pradeep Nair EE Nanoscale devices for energy and healthcare applications, Semiconductor device physics and reliability, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Prof. Pratibha Sharma ESE Amorphous Semiconductors, Ion Irradiation, Chalcogenides, Thin films, Hydrogen Storage
Prof. Suhas Joshi ME Modeling of Manufacturing Processes, Precision Manufacturing, Micro-machining, Machining of Advanced Materials
Prof. Sagar Mitra ESE Nanostructured Materials, Lithium ion Batteries, Electrochemical Energy storage, Electrochemistry of Nanomaterials, Electrochemistry of Semiconductors
Prof. Saurabh Lodha ESE CMOS process integration and device physics
Prof. S. Sarkar ESE Solar Photovoltaics, thin film solar cells, semiconductor sensitized cells, transparent conducting oxides (TCO)
Prof. Souvik Mahapatra EE Reliability of solar PV modules, semi-conductor device characterization, Flash memory
Prof. Sudhanshu Mallik MEMS Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Electroceramics
Prof. Suryanarayana Doolla ESE Smart Grid, Micro-Grid and Distributed Generation, Power quality and communication protocols for industrial and commercial power systems
Prof. Venkatasailanathan Ramadesigan ESE Modelling & numerical simulation of electrochemical energy storage systems
Prof. V. Agrawal EE Solar PV systems, Power Conversion, Modelling and simualtion of power electronic systems
Prof.Zakir Hussain Rather ESE Grid Integration of Renewables (Wind and Solar)