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Solar cell simulator:Optimizing design for advancement

Do you want to optimize the screen designs for your solar cells? Provide your requirements and we shall design the screen for you, which you can use for screen printing of metal contacts, using the user-friendly solar cell simulator, GRIDDLER 2.5 PRO.

   At NCPRE, new screens were designed with continuous and interrupted bus bars using GRIDDLER 2.5 PRO simulation, calibrated using real solar cells. These new designs have reduced the metal coverage by absolute 1.2%, in case of continuous bus bars and 2.5%, in case of interrupted bus bars, compared to previous designs. Using the simulator, we can also simulate solar cells by using device parameters, and by importing experimental dopant profiles, reflection and lifetime data for Al-BSF and PERC solar cells. The simulator can also be used for extracting spatial distribution of local two-diode parameters, contact resistance, grid resistance and emitter resistance of a solar cell, based on spatial data obtained from lock-in thermography, electroluminescence and photoluminescence images. These features make the simulator user-friendly and give optimized results.

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