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Solution-processed Efficient Single Junction Perovskite Solar Cells

(Opportunity with Emerging Technologies)

Renewable energy sources are standing out as a prominent candidate for the energy supply without affecting the environment. In India, photovoltaic (PV) technology plays a pivotal role in energy harvesting. Over the decade, halide perovskites have an unprecedented success rate in photovoltaic technology. The power conversion efficiency (PCE) of the single-junction perovskite solar cell is now 25.5%, comparable to Si (27.6 %) solar cells in a short period. The current status of NCPRE in perovskite solar cells (PSCs) has reached over 20% with an excellent chance to compete hand-to-hand with the rest of the world for this emerging technology. Known challenges of scalability and stability are rapidly addressed in the PSC community, and these efforts are underway at NCPRE. For further improvement in efficiency using existing cells, we plan to make a tandem structure by stacking the PSCs and Silicon solar cells to improve the performance of the solar cells which can give rise to PCE > 25%.

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Wiki efficiency chart with current status of India in year 2020 for established Silicon solar cell and halide perovskite solar cell’s efficiency.

Prof. Dinesh