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Switching over to compact switches

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The hardware of the 1Mhz GaN-based converter

GaN-based devices are trendingnow-a-days because of their high switching frequency up to 1 MHz for power circuits which helps in high power density leads to compact design. GaN-based converters technology is advancing globally but the Indian industry is still far from its reach. NCPRE has developed a 1 MHz GaN-based DC-DC converter used for interfacing an ultracapacitor bank with a 48V DC bus in microgrids or battery storage or electric vehicles. The conven- tional design needs 4 layers of PCB design but we have developed 2 layers PCB design. Prototype has been tested for 100W of load and the measured efficiency is 97%. Next prototype of the synchronous converter will further improve the efficiency by replacing diodes with HEMTs.

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