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Soiling - Power Output disruptor

Soiling is a phenomenon wherein dust gets deposited on PV modules over a period of time. It causes significant energy losses thereby limiting us from harnessing the available solar potential. Soiling is a geographical phenomenon and studying it on the field is highly time consuming and expensive. it has been observed that Mumbai is facing 0.4% per day soiliing loss. A need, therefore, arises to develop soiling chambers which can emulate the natural climatic conditions and deposit dust of varied composition and particle size on the test samples.

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At NCPRE, the module reliability group led by Prof Narendra Shiradkar & Prof Anil Kottantharayil has developed two low-cost chambers to simulate 1. warm and humid & 2. hot and dry climatic conditions. A third chamber has been developed which simulates both the above climatic conditions. These chambers can deposit dust with uniformity of around 95% on samples of sizes ranging from 2.5 x 2.5 cm2 & 22 × 22 cm2. Soiling losses can thus be studied in these chambers and better cleaning methods/ anti-soiling coatings can be developed.