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Technical Collaboration Projects:

Our motivation here is to work on the most critical problems faced by the solar industry, particularly relevant to India. Solar cell and module manufacturing in India has faced many challenges. With ample support from MNRE, we have established a huge knowledgebase which can be accessed by industry or academia. NCPRE along with other academic, industrial and government partners is working on many collaboration projects to help the industry’s growth and reach global level of excellence.

Technical Collaboration Projects ongoing at NCPRE

c-Si Cell Process Development

NCPRE has established a baseline process with 17.5 % efficiency. We can offer technical support in Cell Process Development. Any new or established player can test their process on our line. We can also assist with process optimization using our extensive cell characterization experience.

Cell characterization

NCPRE has a very well equipped Cell characterization Lab with several Scientists, Engineers and Students working on different projects.

Module Lab

Solar module performance and reliability depends largely on the quality of the materials used in it. In order to establish a correlation between module performance and material properties, NCPRE will be working with industry partners to conduct Testing of Encapsulants, Backsheet and Glass. NCPRE can help module manufacturers in establishing best practices for material testing.

Module Performance and Reliability

NCPRE has conducted All India Surveys of PV modules to study the power degradation and impact of various factors like climatic conditions technology and materials. We carry out performance testing of modules at the Lab as wells as at field site locations. We will also be working on correlating different power degradation signatures to visual defects, EL and IR images. NCPRE has also acquired environmental chambers for testing reliability of modules which are being extensively used by different partners for development work.

System Integration

A stand-alone 250 VA battery integrated PV System suitable for rural application has been developed at NCPRE. The PV system is designed for low cost and high reliability using simple hardware structure. A hardware prototype is built and ready for commercialization.

NCPRE can offer methodology, equipment, help with data collection and analysis to find solution to problems faced by the industry and establish a path for improvement.